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Iron Tea Pot ChuShin Kobo S Hiratsubo


Product Code: JDPI00003

Hiratsubo L Made by Chushin no Kobo Yamagata Japan
山形縣鋳心の工房 謹造 平壺小

Name of product: Teapot · Flattop · S
Color: Black 
Dimension: 140×175×150mm

Capacity: 0.7L 

Material: Main body · Cast iron tea strainer · Stainless steel
Weight: Approx 1300 g

It is a dish which was designed modernly according to today's lifestyle, a technique of tea ceremony which is one of the important tools of teaceremony which is representative of Japan.

The inner side of the teapot is subjected to a rustproof enameling process and a stainless steel tea strainer is set.In addition, the iron casting has high heat retention and features that tea is difficult to cool down.

 Made In Japan

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