• BAMBOO (Flower vase)
  • BAMBOO (Flower vase)
  • BAMBOO (Flower vase)

BAMBOO (Flower vase)


Product Code: TSJZ00012

The Nagatake series of vases are made of stainless steel with lost-wax casting method.

This is the only design with a bamboo motif on the surface of the vase.

If the vase itself has no weight, it tends to fall over under the weight of the flowers, but despite its small size, it has an excellent sense of weight and stability, just right for displaying the flowers.

The silver finish is achieved by polishing the surface, which brings out the shine of silver while retaining the cast surface.

On the other hand, the silver stones are blackened and then barrel-polished to give them a stone-like shaded texture.

Size Width: 50mm
Depth: 50mm
Height: 60mm
Weight 200g
Material Stainless Steel Casting

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