NITTA Fabrics - Silk Wave Scarf


產品編號 NT0601

 【About Nitta Fabrics

For the beauty that accompanies our daily life

Founded in 1884. Nitta Fabrics, located in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, is a 

factory brand made by a kimono maker of Yonezawa woven fabric. 

Colorful silk fabrics are created from Nitta's traditional dyeing and weaving. 

Beautiful silk products make daily life richer and more enjoyable.

Yonezawa Ori's, Nitta is a machine shop that has continued for five generations.

Various items born from consistent manufacturing from dyeing to weaving

Each piece is carefully made.

 Size : 60cm x 175cm

Material: Silk 100%

* Please Note Before Buying *

All the Handcrafts Products will be unique the color and pattern will be different.

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