Fuukido is a company in Tsubame City that produces "Tsubame hammering bronze ware", a traditional craft that has been handed down from the Edo period. Hame-Hammering bronze wares are made by hammering copper plates into shapes. Established in 1945, Fukkido started out producing tea ceremony utensils such as yewakashi, teapots, and tea caddies, and later began accepting orders for commemorative and gift items. The company returned to its roots in the production of everyday items, and worked to further improve the quality of its products. As a result, he arrived at the concept of "Simple Design" and "Emphasis on Functionality". These concepts have not changed even though the times have changed and the items produced have changed.

富貴堂品牌是位於燕市的一家手工藝工場,生產以“燕“錘起銅器為主的工藝品,這是一種從江戶時代流傳下來的傳統手工藝品。 鎚起銅器是通過將銅板錘打成一定形狀而製成的。 富貴堂成立於1945年,一開始生產茶道器皿,如:湯壺,茶壺和茶罐,後來開始接受紀念禮品的訂購。該公司紮根於日常用品的生產,並致力於進一步提高產品質量。我們的“簡單設計”和“強調功能”概念,即使時代改變了,生產的物品也改變了,我們的概念也沒有始終如一。