We have a history of over 100 years. The founder, Kinosuke Nogawa, started “Kinosukekouya” in 1914. At the time, there was the big demand of indigo working clothes for farmers. After agricultural mechanization, the demand moved to indigo kendo uniform. Now, we should keep trying to show how our traditional technology invents new products.
The bland “Kinosukekouya” helps us to go back to a beginner’s spirit and challenge other demand in modern life to the next 100 years.


我們品牌已有100多年的歷史。創始人野川幸之助於1914年創立了“ 喜之助紺屋”。當時,農民對靛藍工作服的需求量很大。在農業機械化之後,需求轉向製作靛藍劍道服。到現在,我們繼續嘗試展示我們的傳統技術,發明更多不同新產品。我們品牌“喜之助紺屋” 將延續初心,未來100年繼續挑戰現代生活中的需求品製作。