• Pressed Incense Set 1037 JAPAN
  • Pressed Incense Set 1037 JAPAN

Pressed Incense Set 1037 JAPAN



Product Name  Pressed Incense Set 1037 JAPAN
Smoke volume Normal 
Products Size Round type:  Diameter approx: 2.3 cm / Square type: Diameter approx. 2.3 cm
Set Contents 7 types (Daruma, Torii, Mt. Fuji, Cherry blossoms, Five-story pagoda, Kabuki, Sumo) x 1 of each / incense mat included
Burning time Round type: approx. 7 minutes /  Square type: approx. 10 minutes / incense mat included
Product details

Japan is a country of hospitality. Japan has many wonderful traditions and culture, as well as tasteful architecture. We have created cute incense sticks with a Japanese theme.

[Scent] 5 types of scent assortment

(Daruma: Japanese scent, Mt. Fuji: Relaxing scent, Five-story pagoda/Torii: Sandalwood scent, Cherry blossoms: Cherry blossom scent, Kabuki/Sumo: Sweet and gorgeous scent)

[How to use] Place the included "incense mat" on a non-flammable plate and place the lit incense on it to enjoy the scent.

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