Shimakurado - Flower Base (S) Gold


產品編號 TSSMD00025


 Diameter 40mm Height 155mm

Weight About  700g (Body) 


[ Gold Color ]


"Eyeing copper-ware" named after "annealing" by applying "annealing" to the copper plate and tapping with " Tsuikidouki". This traditional craft arts kettle, which has been transferred to Tsubame-shi, Niigata Prefecture from the Edo period, is a first-class item, its presence, its certainty of making, its beauty of appearance. Among them, Shimakurado is one of the few workshops with techniques to hammer out spouts from a piece of copper plate, and handmade tools to raise up from pursuing a perfect form. The surface unevenness is a proof that a copper plate was hammered once with a proprietary tool once. The goods produced in this way are genuine one-point things. 


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