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ARTS & CRAFTS STUDIO is delightful to present a Kameda Textile Cooperative Society!

Kameda-jima (亀田縞) is the Japanese traditional textile which has been cultivated in Kameda area, Niigata, since Edo era. We’ve decided to convey its attraction and open a market in for preserving Kamedajima for the next generation. We made a plan to hold our first exhibition in Hong Kong, the fast‐growing city in Asian countries.



Our concept is “Kamedajima – Edo Stripe”. During the Edo Period—Japan’s Golden Age—striped fabrics were incredibly popular, as can be witnessed in many of the era’s famous ukiyo-e woodblock prints. We are happy to introduce this one of the most popular striped-textiles in the era to Hong Kong this time.


Private view:

DATE: Oct 30- Oct 31
TIME: 5 pm- 7 pm

RSVP: please reply to / +852 9155 9374

 Exhibition Period: 

Oct 30 - Nov 12

11:30am - 7:30pm

Venue: H401. PMQ

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