Reality and Fantasy: Prelude ~ Artworks by Mel Cheong 真實與幻想 - 序 張凱儀作品展

“Reality and Fantasy” features six new art pieces by Mel Cheong, concluding her recent changes in her lifetime. Circles are one of her motifs that always appears in her works, with the idea that each of the circle representing a soul.

Each circle has different colors, different patterns, indicating different experiences that one has gone through. Starting from blank white, the film that she is using this time is not her usual materials for Mokuhanga (Japanese Woodblock). It is actually a by-product that she uses to replace the baking paper for printing her works. Thus, they are films that absorb the watercolours that she uses over and over again, generating colors, graphic and patterns from her other series.


This by-product means what she has been going through, at the same time, she cut the films into circles, sewing them on Washi, indicating her life changes as a mother. “Reality and Fantasy” is her message to her newborn baby, or a lifetime friend, whom she is now devoting in thinking how to raise him up, how she tells him about his family, how she collaborate with him to achieve his and her dream together. Sometimes it is real, sometimes it is just fantasy. However, she believes every parents have also once imagining how their child will be… let’s go to dream a little bit.



“現實與幻想”展出了 Mel Cheong 的六件新藝術作品,總結了她一生中最近的變化。 圓圈是她作品中經常出現的主題之一,每個圓圈都承載著一個靈魂。

 每個圓圈都有不同的顏色,不同的圖案,表示一個人所經歷的不同。 從零開始,這次她用的膠片不是她平時的木版畫印刷和紙。 這些膠片實際上是她用來代替印刷作品用的烘焙紙(因為烘焙紙這樣不能重複使用很不環保)。 因此,這些膠片吸收了她一遍又一遍地使用的水彩印刷,從她的其他系列中生成顏色、圖形和圖案。


這個副產品意味著她一直在經歷的事情,同時她把這些膠片切成圓圈,縫在和紙身上,作為她成為母親後的生活變化。  “現實與幻想”是她給剛出生的嬰兒或一生的朋友的信息,她現在正致力於思考如何撫養他,如何向他講述他的家庭,如何與他一起合作,並實現他和她的夢想。 有時它是真實的,有時它只是幻想。 不過,她相信每一位父母也都曾經幻想過自己的孩子會是什麼樣子……讓我們一起去夢想一下吧。

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