WASHI - Incense #3 Citrus scent


產品編號 KJ053-ACS

Amount of Smoke 
 30 Pieces with Holding Clip
Incense Size
 WASHI INCENSE 80×8mm /each
Box Size
Country of Origin
Burning Time
 5 mins
Products Description
Japanese paper incense

Japanese paper incense made using Kunjudo's patented technology.

A total of 5 types based on the scent of elegant agarwood and the scent of mellow sandalwood.
A lineup of scents.

Printed with a positive message.
Have a lovely day!
Take a break.
Sweet Dreams.
All the best.
Cheer Up!
Deep Breath.

With a minimal package that is convenient to carry,
It comes with 30 sheets that can be used every day for one month at home or while traveling.

  Citrus scent adds depth to the elegantly crafted .

- Bergamot 
- Tea Tree 
- Musk amber
- Clove 
- Vanilla 

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