Blooming - 開花展 -




漢嘯 是日本大阪藝術大學建校以來唯一的木口木版畫的博士畢業生。她的每件作品都由精細的工藝、細緻的點和線組成。吉祥的圖案和元素與作品相對應,吉祥的氣氛瀰漫在作品之中。


今井清香 擅長現代剪紙,近年來在日本備受關注,其概念和圖案與傳統剪紙風格不同。用一把刀在一張紙上畫出線條是複雜多樣的。作品中的主題充滿活力、動感十足,營造出一種在平面和立體之間來回移動的奇幻視覺體驗。


馬淵明子 的畫有著一種與日本畫相似的感覺。但實際上是比日本畫溫和。她巧妙地將傳統的日本和紙和油畫結合在一起。紙纖維與顏料的完美融合,能充分傳達自然舒適的氣息。可以概括為一部近代剛興起的療癒係作品。它讓觀眾身心愉悅。


This exhibition is composed of three female painters. They have acquired world-class painting techniques. Woodblock printing originated in England in the 18th century, and today there are very few people who can use this technique.


Han Xiao   is the only Ph.D. graduate in Wood engraving since the founding of Osaka University of Arts in Japan. Each piece of her work is made up of fine craftsmanship, detailed dots, and lines. The auspicious designs and elements correspond to the works, and the auspicious atmosphere pervades them.


Sayaka Imai   specializes in modern paper-cutting, which has been attracting attention in Japan in recent years and uses concepts and motifs that are different from the traditional style of paper-cutting. The lines drawn with a single knife on a piece of paper are complex and diverse. The motifs in the work are vibrant and dynamic, creating a phantasmagoric visual experience that moves back and forth between two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.


Akiko Mabuchi   paintings have a similar feel to Japanese paintings. However, it is actually gentler than Japanese paintings. She skillfully combined traditional Japanese paper and oil paint. The perfect fusion of paper fibers and pigments can fully convey a natural and comfortable breath. In other words, it can be summarized as a healing work that is just emerging in modern times. It entertains viewers both physically and mentally.






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