Miniature Clay Afternoon-Tea Set Workshop 微型黏土西式下午茶工作坊

n this Lesson, We will learn to make the clay tea set Which are one twelfth of the real size using clay. this will include cute miniature clay work, and tailer-made Tea set stand.

Beginners are welcome! come and join the class to make this cute and beautiful tea set clay work.

在本課程中,我們將學習使用黏土製作西式下午茶,它是實際尺寸的十二分之一。 這將包括可愛的微型黏土作品,以及用上訂做製成的茶具架。

歡迎初學者或小朋友! 來參加課堂,製作可愛而美麗的茶具黏土作品!

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