[ Nov Workshop ] FEMINA Jewellery Power Bracelet Class

Spiritual Bracelet Making Class

It’s well known that natural stones have special power on your
physical and mental status. This gorgeous natural stone bracelet will
help energize your everyday life.  In a 60 minutes, session, you can
make one power stone bracelet that suits your target.  Choose one from
three basic designs then you can arrange stones with your own idea in
the class.  You can make the bracelet more powerful with your strong
wish while making the tree.  The luck will be stronger if you pamper
it every day.




幫助您在日常生活中充滿活力。 在 60 分鐘的課堂內,您可以
Basic bracelet design; Love Power/  Healing Power/ Wealth Power
Time :  2021 November 13 (Sat) 2:00 -3:00 pm
Venue:  PMQ Room S302
Fee:  650HKD (include material for one 16-17cm bracelet)   
         750HKD  (for 17.5cm-20cm bracelet)
-Your bracelet size is actual wrist measurement plus 2cm

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