【Oct Exhibition】Color - Japanese Dyeing & Weaving Exhibition

- About Nitta Fabrics -

“Beautiful things that gently snuggle up to everyday life”
Founded in 1884. Nitta of Yonezawa Ori is a manufacturer of silk fabrics that has continued for five generations.Kimono and various items that are born from consistent manufacturing from dyeing to weavingZ. It is based on 250 years of Yonezawa weaving technology, traditional safflower dyeing, and discerning dyeing and weaving technology.

Color – Japanese Dying & Weaving – Exhibition

Founded in 1884, Yonezawa Ori’s Nitta is a machine shop that has continued for five generations. Various items born from consistent manufacturing from dyeing to weaving. Each piece is carefully made. In this special exhibition, bags, shawls, accessories, etc. will be held under the theme of “color”.

we will introduce many. Please enjoy the exhibition of special kimonos.


【十月展覽】色彩 – 日本染織 –

- 關於新田織物 -

成立於1884年。 米澤織的新田是一家延續了五代的絲綢製造商。從染到編織的一貫製造中而誕生的各種工藝品如和服,是我們傳承了250年的特殊染織,米澤織造和傳統的紅花染技術製造而成。

展覽內容 / 色彩 – 日本染織 -

創立於 1884 年的米澤織新田是一家延續了五代的染織工房。從染色到織布的一貫製造中誕生的各種商品,每一塊都是精心製作的。本次特展以“色彩”為主題,展出包袋、披肩、配飾等。

在本展覽中會介紹很多不同的工藝品。 和敬請欣賞特別和服展出。

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